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PhD Course 2024

Combining Nationwide Registries with the National Biobank in Denmark

Dates: 29-31 May 2024
Time: 9:00 – 16:00
Place: Aalborg University, Copenhagen
Seminar room: 2.1.005

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Connected through a single personal identification number, the CPR, Denmark contains one of the most comprehensive audits of epidemiologically relevant data globally stored within nationwide registries. Furthering its power, linking the CPR to the Danish National Biobank allows for connecting granular registry data to biological samples stored agnostic of its research purposes. Linking these two resources in tandem can contribute to major scientific advances. In this course, you will be introduced to both nationwide registries and the Danish National biobank and learn how these resources can be combined. You will get an in-depth understanding of the resources through lectures about their content, their advantages and limitations, and through examples of their use for scientific research.

Specific topics include

  • Contents of the national registers and the Danish National biobank
  • How to access data and samples
  • Gaining permissions and adhering to GDPR rules
  • Examples of ongoing and recently published studies

Also, you will in groups, prepare and present a mock case study based on data from the registries and the Danish National Biobank.


Day 1 (29/05)

Session chairs: Kristine Allin and Maiara Brusco De Freitas

09.00 Welcome
09.30 Presentation round of students and their projects (about 2 min each)
10.30 Coffee break

Contents of the national registers and the Danish National biobank

  • Introduction - Kristine Allin, Associate Professor, PREDICT, AAU
  • Overview of available registers - Anne Vinkel Hansen, Statistician, PREDICT, AAU
12.00 Lunch

Presentation of ongoing projects based on national register data

  • Impact of an inflammatory prenatal environment on the risk of inflammatory bowel disease in the offspring - Linéa Bonfils, PhD student, PREDICT, AAU
  • Characterizing the pre-clinical phase of inflammatory bowel disease using   the laboratory database - Marie Vibeke Vestergaard, PhD student, PREDICT, AAU
  • Linking nationwide register data with questionnaire data from the Danish National Health Profiles to elucidate health behaviors - Marie Villumsen, Postdoctoral researcher, Center for Clinical Research and Prevention, Bispebjerg and Frederiskberg Hospital & PREDICT, AAU
14.15 Coffee break

Classical and non-classical methods of using registers

Anthony C. Ebert, Postdoctoral researcher, PREDICT, AAU

15.45 Comments and take-home messages



Day 2 (30/05)

Session chairs: Kristine Allin and Maiara Brusco De Freitas


GDPR and data access

Maiara Brusco De Freitas, Assistant Professor, PREDICT, AAU

10.00 Coffee break

Presentation of ongoing projects based on national register and biobank data

  • Investigating associations between inflammatory markers a birth and later early onset IBD development utilizing biobanked neonatal dried blood spots - Jonas Julius Rudbæk, PhD student, SSI and PREDICT, AAU
  • Unraveling the metabolomic architecture of autism in a large Danish population-based cohort - Filip Ottosson, data scientist, SSI
  • Longitudinal metabolomics on serum from the Danish National Biobank - Camilla Engel Lemser, PhD student PREDICT and SSI and PREDICT, AAU
  • Maternal ultra-processed food intake during pregnancy and inflammatory bowel disease in offspring - Olivia Mariella Rosie Anneberg, PhD student PREDICT, AAU
12.00 Lunch

Presentation of the Danish National Biobank

  • The Danish National Biobank - Karina Meden Sørensen, Head of the biobank laboratory, SSI
  • The Danish Biobank Register - Bartlomiej Wilkowski, Head of the department for digital infrastructure, SSI
14.30 Coffee break
14.45 Biobank tour
15.50 Comments and take-home messages


Day 3 (31/05)

Session chairs: Adam Koziol and Anthony C. Ebert


UK biobank

Aleksejs Sazonovs, Associate Professor, PREDICT, AAU

09.45 Coffee break
10.00 Introduction to mock studies and mock studies preparation
12.00 Lunch
13.00 Presentations of mock studies by student groups, questions and feedback
14.45 Coffee break

Putting all of this together and the future of biobank based research

Tine Jess, Center Director, PREDICT, AAU