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Who and what is PREDICT? What drives us and makes our Center of Excellence unique? Here are some testimonials from PREDICT people and close collaborators!


Lone Larsen, Associate Professor, Aalborg University Hospital & PREDICT partner

'Being a Partner in PREDICT provides me with the opportunity as a physician and an associate professor as well as my department to engage in large clinical projects together with the excellent researchers at PREDICT. This results in high quality studies, up to date analyses, and ultimately novel discoveries which positively impact the lives of my patients. I could not have conducted the fine research that we are doing in Aalborg without professor Tine Jess and PREDICT'

Rahma Elmahdi, Research Associate, PREDICT

'Working at the PREDICT Center has provided me with a wealth of opportunity to explore the molecular underpinnings of inflammatory bowel disease development, diagnosis and management. Access to incredible resources including nationwide biological and registry data, working alongside extraordinary international talent and under ambitious dynamic leadership make this a true Center of Excellence'

Jean-Frederic Colombel, Professor of Medicine, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York

'Despite significant progresses in the last years, a therapeutic ceiling is observed in IBD and we are still far from a cure. The way to progress is through prediction of disease course and response to treatment aiming at personalized therapy and prediction of disease onset aiming at prevention. The PREDICT Center of Excellence is leading this research leveraging rigorous and innovative research methodology in collaboration with experts from all over the world and will likely contribute to breakthrough discoveries in the years to come'